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The Ben & Jerry's of Internet Services?

PIA uses the tag line "The Ben & Jerry's of Internet Services" to communicate our company values, and in tribute to the socially responsible policies, reputation for integrity, and high quality products of Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream, a leader in field of socially responsible business. PIA aspires to the same reputation for excellence in its operations and service to its customers and communities, but PIA has no business relationship of any sort with Ben & Jerry's Homemade Inc.

Can You SAY  That?

Ben & Jerry's Homemade Inc. operates in a completely different sphere of commerce than PIA. They are directly associated in customers' minds with their ice cream products and stores, and they don't compete in any other market sectors. No one associates their name with technical offerings of any kind. We don't use their logos or trademarked visual motifs. Therefore, we feel there is no danger of consumer confusion.

How it came about

When Dick joined PIA, he found it difficult to tell prospective customers about PIA's company values and its high quality services concisely. A believer in socially responsible business, he really wanted to pitch all the aspects of PIA's socially responsible viewpoint, its organizational aspirations, as well as describe its high quality operations.

Dick needed a concise way to position PIA in a prospective customer's mind and then move on to discussing the client's needs and PIA's services. A tag line. A nice, clean, short way to communicate PIA's being socially responsible, having high aspirations, and offering quality products and services.

One afternoon, frustrated at stumbling over too many words one more time, Dick blurted out, "Well... We're the Ben & Jerry's of Internet services!" The people in the meeting immediately lit up! "OK, I get it! Socially responsible company! High quality products! Great! Now, we need this, can you do this for us?"

As time went on, he tried this line out with more people, and every person, regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation, or political affiliation, got the point immediately. Soon, we added it to our web site.

PIA Company History  

PIA was originally incorporated in Brooklyn, New York, in 1995 by a multi-racial, multi-cultural group of partners. The company built its first office and hosting center at the Brooklyn Navy Yard and began offering web site design, programming, and hosting services as Progressive Internet Alternatives, Inc. 

In 1996, the Brooklyn Navy Yard Development Corporation, along with the City of New York and other development authorities, announced a competition to identify and fund a project that would serve as an "anchor" for the re-development of the Navy Yard. 

PIA and Delphi Studios, a scenery and set construction company also based at the Navy Yard, entered that competition, proposing to develop a 15 acre, 21st century film production complex, including the largest sound stage in the world, integrated post-production facilities, and a production office building on the site.  

New York Studios represented an extraordinary opportunity, and as such, consumed the majority of the company's attention and resources until the Spring of 2000, when NYS successfully consummated its deal with the City of New York, and with Steiner Equities, which constructed Steiner Studios

Having successfully given birth to this extraordinary development project, PIA re-focused its' management efforts and resources on its roots as an Internet technical services, e-marketing and content development venture, at the same time, PIA changed it's corporate name to Progressive Internet Action, Inc. Shortly thereafter, it became advantageous for the initial partners and early investors to dissolve the corporation and pursue exit strategies.

Dick Jones, then head of the corporation being dissolved, purchased the rights to the name Progressive Internet Action, the pia.net domain name, and the then-existing client list. Dick's company, Richard R. Jones Communications, now owns all rights to the name.  

PIA Today

Progressive Internet Action is focused on ACTION. We are a web services outsource partner, offering web site marketing strategy, site design and development, web and email hosting, Search Engine Optimization, streaming media services, web-based back-up services, and related web-based operations and support services.

Progressive Internet Action's Mission

To serve America and planet Earth in socially responsible ways while providing our customers the highest quality Internet and World Wide Web services, Internet-based marketing services, and interactive entertainment.

To apply our expertise affiliation marketing concepts and virtual community development to organizational communications, Internet content, entertainment, and business strategies.

To provide economical services for non-profit, progressive organizations.

To perform pro bono services for worthy causes as business permits, and

To contribute a portion of our profits to worthy social causes.


Want to talk?  Call Dick at 212-496-7574, or send a message to 
DickJones AT pia.net

Dick Jones Bio

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