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PIA believes that the most effective marketing strategies are those based on affiliation.

"Affiliation" is love for a group, small or large, and the mores and social norms of that group. Affiliation makes the world go 'round. People affiliate with all sorts of ideas, positions, and things. If you think about it for a few seconds, you can easily think of a few things or ideas that bind large numbers of individuals together into loose communities. Sports fans love their teams. Alumni love the old Alma Mater. Politicos love their parties. Cults love their deities. You get the idea.

Many of the millions of people who have become Internet users already, and many of the additional tens of millions who will start in the coming years, use their affiliations with various groups as the touch points of their entire lives. These people organize many areas of their lives around their affiliations. They think about them a lot.  

Do you know any union members? Solidarity is a significant aspect of their individual identities. It defines them and binds them to their union brothers and sisters. They buy from labor-friendly sources and boycott sources that abuse workers.

At PIA, we believe that the most powerful cyberspace marketing strategies and companies of the 21st century will be those that commit to:

  • understanding the behavior and "psychographics" of specific affiliation groups,

  • designing their brand message and their business strategies to become the trusted advisors and facilitators for those people, and

  • serving them very, very well.  

How do you become their trusted advisor?  For a start, by being trustworthy:

  • Protect the private personal information of your customers. Use best quality technical security practices to prevent its compromise by hackers and thieves.

  • Don't re-sell their personal data to third parties. Regardless of the legality, people want to limit their information exposure. They will provide valuable data that will enable you to provide a more personalized and successful service only when they are confident of your discretion.

  • Publish useful, appropriate, and entertaining content geared to the psychographics of your clientele. Help them understand the non-obvious to their advantage.  

  • Provide top-quality customer service from initial sale to the end of the warranty, and do so in a prompt and friendly manner.

If you gain their trust through performance, you can build a highly successful business based on powerful, long-lasting, personal and organizational relationships by

  • Using the personalization data they allow you to gather with subtlety, so they feel "served" rather than "marketed to".


  • Conveying offers from third parties you truly consider appropriate and desirable to your clientele with your recommendation. If your recommendations reflect your concern for their welfare, you gain credibility.

  • Giving them ideas that assist and entertain them and then you can sell them even more high-quality products and services.


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