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Progressive Internet Action provides strategy consulting, site design, programming, and hosting services to a diverse and growing list of clients, including currently:

Cathy Taylor, cabaret entertainer http:cathytaylornonlinearlife.com

This site is under development and the graphic look is not yet complete, but the pictures and story are. More visual glitz and streaming media are in the works.

Carole Wilbourn, The Cat Therapist  http://www.TheCatTherapist.com

Carole's online home promotes her identity as the leading feline behaviorist. The site provides free cat behavioral advice and sells Carole's in-home and telephone consultations, her books, and her growing line of related products.

Internationally known author, humane activist, companion animal therapist, and consultant, Ms Wilbourn has been called "the founding mother of feline psychology" and "the Kitty Freud." She pioneered our understanding of cat psychology and behavior and developed "The Wilbourn Way," a body of technique for modifying adverse feline behavior through behavioral therapy.

Falk & Associates, LLC  http://falkandassociates.com

Site design, copy writing, and web hosting for a small law firm delivering large law firm services at affordable prices through intensive practice area experience, and skillfully applied information technology.

International Piano Festivals   http://www.internationalpianofestivals.org/

Rescued Solomon Mikowsky's email marketing campaign for student attendees for his summer of 2011 Festival in Budapest, Hungary.

Samuel J. Smolen, Jr.  http://TheInnocentPrisoner.org

PIA developed this site for Sam Smolen, an unjustly convicted man who has been imprisoned for 25 years now. If you read his harrowing story, I guarantee you a new appreciation for the happiness and freedom we all take for granted. 

The link above to Sam's domain name has been de-activated. His friends decided publishing the site for Sam was exacerbating his situation with the Department of Corrections authorities and negatively impacting his health. I still have the site, if you are interested in what unlawful imprisonment looks and feels like.

PIA has worked with other notable clients in recent years, including:

C. Virginia Fields - Former Borough President of Manhattan -
Manhattan Borough President's Office Web Site

In 2002, Dick helped Ms. Fields' staff strategize Internet based communications. Designed, programmed, and hosted Ms. Fields' web site for the Manhattan Borough President's office. That site is now offline.

Freedom Strategies, Inc. 

Web site design, writing, and web hosting for a now defunct non-profit think tank.

Fuji Futures, Div. Of Fuji Bank

Strategy review of web development project to provide web-based futures trading services to institutional and retail investors.

Johnson & Johnson Inc. 

Strategy consulting on authoring software integration for their "Leadership Development Web", a component of the company Intranet.

Open World Interactive Inc.

Producer of the Internet Roundtable series and the Venture Navigator series of international venture capital matching events.  New media, digital economy marketing specialists.  PIA's alliance partner in strategic consulting for Fuji Futures.

The Professional Staff Congress of CUNY  http://psc-cuny.org 

PIA provided web strategy, site development and hosting services to this prestigious, 12,000 member labor organization from 1995 to 2004.

Research For Writers, Inc.  http://ResearchForWriters.com

Web design for nationally known research organization headed by Dan Starer.


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