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 Internet Marketing

The following areas are should be considered and addressed in a well-thought-out e-marketing strategy for your web business or service. All can be the source of significant visitor traffic and sales, and at comparatively low cost when compared to paid advertising of any sort:

  •  Search Engine Optimization

  •  Link Exchanges

  •  Sales Associate Plans

  •  Viral Marketing Programs (e-mail, listserv and newsgroup placements)

Internet Marketing Strategy Development

Whether you pay us to do perform the research or do it yourself, best practices show you should perform a detailed study of the ways people seek and find products and services like yours on the web, then decide how to integrate the promising ones into your overall strategy.  

Having us perform this process would typically include: 

  •  identifying your strategic and tactical priorities for the site.

  •  applying the benefits of our experience and continuing research into successful Internet strategies to your situation.

  •  reviewing successful sites of your type or category, to determine how successfully they reach out to and retain customers, and how you may do it better.

  •  identifying innovative, cost-effective viral marketing programs and development strategies your competitors are not  pursuing - and understanding whether you should be.

  •  participating in listservs, newsgroups, and discussion forums that serve communities of your potential customers to build your visibility web-wide, and, just as important, enable you to understand clearly how they want to be served.

  •  exploring potential strategies for and managing: link exchanges, banner exchanges, associate programs, promotions, etc.

The process discussed above will reveal various marketing efforts that should be pursued to assure the success of your web site. PIA is prepared to be your partner in carrying them through. PIA will propose specific programs and budgets to accomplish your goals which you will approve before they are set in motion.  

Fee Basis

Each marketing strategy engagement is unique, and a program will be quoted specifically for your needs. Our fee rates for marketing development work are variable from $75 to $125 per hour depending on the complexity and discretion required and prevailing rates for specialty work. Discounts may then be applied according to project size and complexity.  

Ready to get started? Order services here. Or call Dick Jones to discuss our services, or email dickjones AT

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