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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization is very important to a web site's success, but it isn't MAGIC.

Search engines can't be bribed! You can't purchase meaningful sustained high rankings!

Search Engine Optimization, by itself, can't guarantee you a top ranking for specific keyword(s). Any company offering you a money back guarantee of a top ranking for a given key word or phrase based on SEO alone, and requiring hefty up-front fees, is conning you, pure and simple. 

A great job of ethical SEO will significantly improve the various major search engines' view of your site's relevance and desirability, but legitimate SEO techniques won't give your site a top Page Rank (position in the search returns) if the quality of your content and services don't deserve it - unless you cheat. Anyone who tells you otherwise should be viewed with extreme skepticism.

Cheating carries big risks

There are numerous ways to artificially "hype" a site's relevancy ratings and thus its visitor traffic. I/P cloaking and various other dubious practices that the search sites do not allow and penalize harshly when they discover them on your site, are used by unethical SEO companies to artificially attract search traffic to sites with code manipulations and artificial content. PIA doesn't offer or provide these!

Such tricks can yield massive traffic for awhile - until the search engines ban your domain name. Such tactics typically lead to your domain name being banned once a search engine discovers you have been trying to "dope" its results. If the Spam techniques are egregious, they may also threaten to ban your ISP, which will then drop you like a hot potato.

The major search sites hate SEO cheaters and purge such sites from their indexes constantly. If their algorithms say your site is spamming their results, they follow a "shoot first and don't ask questions later" policy. From their viewpoint, whenever a searcher visits their site and clicks on a link they provide, and then that site doesn't closely match the searcher's criteria, their customer has had a negative experience that jeopardizes their brand.

Being banned means the search engine won't list your domain name any more, period. Once one major search site bans you, the other major search sites, which are constantly comparing their results against their competitors, take note of the elimination and investigate. Soon, all the other major search sites ban your site too. Soon, your visitor traffic is nil and your domain name becomes worthless.

Brand identity and domain name continuity are significant factors in web business success. The domain name and the brand soon become interchangeable in most peoples' minds. If your domain name is banned, you may be able to re-legitimize it with the major search engines by claiming that your SEO vendor put content and code on the site you didn't know about or understand, etc. However, they are under no legal requirement to forgive you or list you, so there is no assurance that you will succeed, and the time-consuming effort to get "un-banned" can take six months or more. A newly successful web site can quickly fail before the ban is removed.

The search engine forums and listservs are littered with messages from horrified site owners whose sites have been banned by the search engines due to the tricks employed by their SEO vendor. They paid hefty up-front fees and got lots of traffic for awhile - until their site was banned. Now, the SEO vendor won't return the client's calls.

Legitimate companies seeking long term success and brand recognition can't afford to roll those dice.

Our Way - Ethical SEO

PIA's SEO philosophy is simple. We do ethical SEO. We will assist you in maximizing your web visitor traffic in ways that conform to the major search sites' acceptable use policies. We don't cheat!

Cheaters never win! PIA believes that most visitors who arrive at any site through SEO deception leave the site quickly and are not converted to either prospects or customers. They may count as "hits", but these visitors were never really your prospects. They weren't looking for your kind of site.

Be sure to read our Traffic Building page where we discuss how to do SEO correctly.

Following is a list of Professional Associations were you can obtain further information about the industry, and the approach we advocate:

Ready to get started? Call Dick Jones to discuss our services, or email DickJones AT


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