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Strategy Consulting, Planning, and Technical Reviews 

PIA is hired to formulate and consult on web strategies by a broad range of clients ― from corporations to comedians to politicians. We assist them in understanding how to use the web and related Internet technologies in the most advantageous ways, according to their individual needs and objectives.

PIA professionals have many years of experience in developing and refining communications and Internet technical strategies, implementing bleeding-edge communications systems, and analyzing the marketing opportunities that result from the development and adoption of highly personalized communications services.

From our many years of experience specifying and purchasing telecommunications and and computer systems hardware and software, and directing their implementation, we've learned to apply a systematic, critical path analysis approach to stated project objectives.

Planning is always best!

Planning is always best because it generally reveals weaknesses in the plan at the earliest possible stages, when they are most easily and economically addressed. Occasionally, this process reveals unanticipated synergies. It always results in development and implementation schedules that are reliable, insuring that you stay within budget estimates.  

Technical Reviews

Over the years, PIA staff have performed numerous technical strategy studies and technical approach evaluations. As a result, we occasionally consult for web clients seeking an un-biased, external review of their current, or planned, strategies and underlying technologies on which they will depend.  

A project of the latter type was our strategy and implementation review for the Futures Division of Fuji Bank. PIA, and its alliance partner, Open World Interactive, Inc., reviewed Fuji Bank's internal web development project to provide web-based futures trading services to institutional and retail investors.


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