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Search Engine Traffic Development

The Importance of "Natural" Search Site Traffic

The “top five” search sites (Google, Yahoo, AOL, MSN, etc.) typically account for nearly 95 % of the visitor traffic on the World Wide Web.

It is important to web business success to insure that your site shows up in the first 50 links (or so) that any search site returns to the searcher when asked to search for a key word or key phrase that describes the searcher's need.

Most searchers say they prefer to get their answers from these so called "natural" listings, and they typically look there first, but they won't look much deeper than 40 or 50 listings. If the searcher hasn't found his or her answer by then, he or she will decide to change search terms, or will turn to one of the "sponsored" text links that appear on the first page of returns, and which the search sites sell to advertisers by web auction.

The purchasing of keyword-linked text ads to appear on search returns is a separate topic we address on the Pay-Per-Click page.

Your web site reaches those most desired positions on the first two pages (or so) of natural search returns provided to the searcher when the search site scores your site as highly relevant to the key word or phrase the searcher requested.

Therefore, Search Engine Optimization is very important to web business success.

Be sure you read our SEO Warnings page. We don't cheat.

We gladly provide our services on an ala carte basis, but we recommend our continuing program of monthly reviews of your web site’s positioning in the returns of visitor queries on the major sites, as discussed below.

Meta Tag Formulation

We consult with you in person, by phone, and correspondence, typically for up to an hour, about your business objectives and which key words and/or phrases your desired customer might use to search for your services and products. Then, we author and provide Meta Tags to be placed on your site. These will assist in assuring your site will generate high relevance scores for your desired searching concepts, through accurate indexing of the major search sites and directories.

Fee:  Typically, $100.  However, if your search objectives are complex and additional research is desired, we will provide an estimate.

Search Engine and Directory Submissions

Once your site is properly meta-tagged, we run a software submission engine to submit your URL, description, and primary keywords to all the major search sites and directories, and hundreds of secondary sites that yield occasional traffic and more importantly, build your site's Page Rank in Google and the other major search sites.

Fee: $150 per URL submission.

Ethical Search Engine Optimization Program

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is the process of making your site highly relevant to the most common search terms used by searchers to describe their needs for products or services, when searching on the major search sites.

This is accomplished by determining how searchers will most commonly describe their search objectives, and then making your site's content and programming highly relevant to the search site's algorithms for judging relevance. High relevancy insures your site is among the top returns when a searcher uses the key words that we identify as being most relevant to your site and the products or services you offer.  

The important factors a search site uses in determining high relevance are: 

  • proper use of meta tags on the pages of your site.

  • the relative volume and detail of your site content about the keyword searched, when compared to that of other sites.

  • site content that is specifically written with the use of specific search key words and phrases in mind.

  • the number of links to your site from other sites that specialize in the same and related areas of interest. The higher the relevance scores of the sites that link to you, the more relevant your site will be scored.

For sustained commercial success , your site needs to be highly relevant to the most common terms that most searchers will use to find your kind of service or product on the most commonly used search sites.

PIA offers an annual program of search engine optimization for $150 per month per web site, paid monthly by credit card, for a continuing program of web site reviews and recommendations designed to optimize your visitor traffic from search sites.  

We start by identifying the most important key words and phrases for your marketing situation and whether immediate remedial actions are needed to increase your site's relevance. Then, monthly, we track and analyze your site's traffic from the major search engines. Based on the results we find each month, we will identify and recommend optimization actions to improve site performance on the major search engines.  

Each month we provide: a monthly written traffic statistics report showing visitor traffic that month, a trend analysis, a review conference by telephone or in person with the client, and continuing recommendations for actions that will increase your site's relevance. These results are then discussed with the client in person or by telephone as appropriate.

During the year, we will electronically re-submit your site (or newly created pages) to the search sites as often as necessary to optimize visitor traffic without getting your site "banned" (removed from their index) by the search sites for over-submission, which they consider Spamming.

Participation in this program affords our clients a preferred, capped, rate of $80 per hour for any SEO work we perform for them. Such projects might include: the re-writing of web page content to increase relevance for specific search terms, a link exchange development project, etc. Such individual projects are specified, proposed in writing, and accepted by the client before work begins.

Be sure you read our SEO Warnings page. We don't cheat.

Ready to get started? Order services here. Or call Dick Jones to discuss our services, or email DickJones AT

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