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The pages shown at left list the marketing services and strategies PIA provides.  Each page outlines our general understandings on that topic and suggests how PIA can put them to work for you.

Web Marketing Strategy

Making good marketing decisions in the early stages of a web business project is more important than a flashy web site in growing a business on the Internet, but this fact is often overlooked.

A nicely-designed and well-organized site is important, but the business development process will be much more cost-efficient, more conceptually focused, and more likely  to succeed if it is planned, rather than allowing it to "just grow." 

The Basics Remain The Same,
But the "Ways" are New on the Web.

Despite all the electronic embellishments, web business is not essentially different than offline business. All the usual functions of a successful business must be fulfilled in cyberspace. The "ways" may be new and different, but the "needs" are the same:  

  •  Find a great location for your kind of business.

  •  Give the store a catchy name. A unique identity.

  •  Open a nice-looking, well-organized store.

  •  Staff it with helpful, courteous people.

  •  Stock it with attractive merchandise and/or services. 

  •  Build your Brand through service and support. The customer is always right!

  •  Communicate your unique story through public relations and community involvement. then...

  •  Advertise, advertise, advertise

In cyberspace, we don't find and pay for a great location, we make our location great by applying public relations, search engine optimization, and advertising strategies. Review the information in the topic pages at left to see how the needs listed above are answered online.

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